Our Collection by Cootehill Painting Circle

Cootehill Painting Cirle at Cootehill Library until 9 July


Ray Savage, tutor speaking about the admiration he has for the group who are prepared to tackle all subject matter and all media to create paintings of beauty and interest.   Indeed the paintings are very diverse.   Many of the scenes depicted are scenes from Cootehill including Pollahopple the laneway where Ray lives.   There are images of Skellig Michael, Tullyvin Bridge, Boats at Bray, The Annalee and further afield Windmills at Kinderdijk, Holland.   The painters have also re-created scenes from the natural world including: the delicate deer, butterfly in my garden, the morning mist and the atmospheric Halton’s.

Why do the members of Cootehill Painting Circle Meet for two hours every week here at the library?   For fun

To express personal thoughts and feelingsTo communicate with others during class and in their painting

To make beautiful objects and environments

To record a time, place, person, or object.

To commemorate

To re-enforce our culture and traditions.

To tell stories, to heal, to make sense, to create magic.


The exhibition was opened by Catriona O Reilly, arts officer, Cavan County Council.



This group is supported by tutor Ray Savage



Date and time:

04 July 2016 to 10 July 2016


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