The Open Door Sessions



 The Open Door Sessions


Monthly Music and Arts Gathering for Bailieborough


The Open Door Sessions 9.00pm Friday 15th June

Nixys, The Square Bar, Bailieborough

Taking to the stage from 9pm this Friday, 15th June downstairs at Nixy’s The Square Bar are:

Bowery Boy

A new project and a new beginning, Bowery Boy ventures into the world with a headful of songs. Inspired by the great songwriters old and new, Navan singer songwriter Paul Clarke Jnr brings his collection of new songs and musings to the stage in 2018.



Justyna Domaradzka 

Born in Poland in the northern city of Szczecin, close to the German border in the early 80’s Justyna always loved to draw and paint. This was in her from the very beginning. Animals, another love  play a big part of what makes her tick!

    Justyna came to Ireland back in the early 00’s in search of adventure and opportunity.
Over the years, hotel and retail work has brought her to many parts of Ireland, Cavan, Leitrim, Meath, Offaly, Cork,   but she is now back where she started, living in Virginia and working in Oldcastle.

Art has been always brought calm and happiness to Justyna and, when she's not working in the Happy Cup cafe in Oldcastle, she spends her time doing graphic design for a company in Poland, illustration work for a Polish fashion designer and making her crafts, which she sells at craft fairs, or through  people who know her. 


James Bentley

James Bentley is a singer/songwriter from the musically dense Cavan with a focus on alternative acoustic music.  His songs are all stories he has written, ranging from a despair-filled fear of drowning to a simple song about regretting your decisions.
His debut EP "Happiness" focuses on melodic themes and polyphonic texture encapsulated through the use of guitar and vocals.

Nixys, The Square Bar, The Square, Bailieborough.


Admission is free, but donations will be appreciated!


We’d also like to thank Cavan Arts for their support of our night with the granting of an arts award to The Open Door Sessions.


For further information on all performers visit our website:

Date and time:

11 June 2018 to 16 June 2018

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