Geopark Events Guide 2017


The Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark contains some of the finest landscapes in the north of Ireland.  Ranging from rugged uplands, lakes and forests through to gently rolling drumlins, the landscapes of the Geopark represent a complex Earth history dating back as far as 895 million years ago.  


For 2017 we have put together another diverse range of events which we hope will cater to all interests and abilities. Our aim is to host events which encourage people to come out and interact with their Geopark and to attract visitors to this wonderful region. The Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark covers a huge area of Cavan and Fermanagh and boasts numerous recreational sites as well as amazing geological and archaeological features at some inspiring locations. Sites like Castle Caldwell on the northern shores of Lough Erne right down to the impressive Clough Oughter Castle in the Lakelands of Cavan. All these wonderful sites across the Geopark have one thing in common – they all promote the amazing geological, archaeological, cultural and natural heritage so evident within the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark. 


Geopark Events Guide 2017


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Cavan Burren Park

Cavan Burren Park opened to the public in May 2014. But the site itself goes back a little longer...probably around 340 million years to the Carboniferous period when this whole area was covered in a shallow tropical sea. But you can read all about that in our Geology & Archaeology section.


Back to the park... today you can experience a wonderful interpretative centre and five amazing walking trails around Cavan Burren Park, all highlighting the spectacular prehistoric tombs, fantastic geology and special stories that make this such a unique environment.


Carefully placed interpretation throughout this site explains all the features as you take in the 360° views. Stories of Giants and moving glaciers come to life with every step you take in this breathtaking prehistoric park.

Don’t forget we have events throughout the year so check out our events section for more information.

Discover Cavan Burren Park for yourself today.


Cuilcagh Mountain Summit

Date and time:

15 May 2017 to 31 July 2017


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