PEACE IV Request for Tender - Musicians, Writers, Visual Art/Curation and Theatre

Request for Tender from facilitators in theatre, visual art/curator, literature and music.


Artist facilitators working in a range of art forms are required to provide a series of workshops to take place in conjunction with the refurbishment of Townhall, Cavan.   These workshops will culminate in a showcase piece to celebrate the journey that the PEACE Programme in Cavan has achieved to date since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.   The facilitators are expected to deliver innovative and contemporary work with local community participants.   This will be delivered through a programme designed by the facilitators to provide a minimum of 26 contact hours with participants. The theme to be explored in this new work is to examine the legacy of Peace in our border area and the wider positive implications for cultural, social and economic stability in this area and the wider country.  


Individual art form facilitators are required to work with a minimum of 15 participants.


This work will be showcased to coincide with the refurbishment of Townhall, Cavan for July 2019.The showcase will arise from a process-based project with the artist facilitator leading local participants in a journey through arts practice.

Closing date for receipt of applications 21 March 049 4378549


Download Request for Quotation theatre here

Download Request for Quotation literature here

Download Request for Quotation visual art curator here

Download Request for Quotation music here



21 Mar 2019

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