"The Journey" Ray Fitzsimons

What’s in a Story? 


We live in increasingly fast paced times. Traditional modes of communication, even  the spoken word seem to be under threat with our ever growing “need” for information. The question has to be asked - what are we loosing?


“What’s in a Story?” Is the question being asked in a documentary which will examine the role of stories in societies. What function they provide in our development and how they are being used/misused in the internet age.  Funded by Cavan County Council Arts Office by competitive selection under the percent for art scheme, local artist Ray Fitzsimons will pay special attention to the oldest and most common story pattern - “The hero’s Journey”. Through the life stories of three people who have gone the road less travelled we will explore how facing the unknown within ourselves and without, does not just make a good story but leads to better life.


Ray is particularly interested in the fact that the Irish amongst the most widely travelled people on the planet and has sought out ‘heroes’ who have taken flight in search of new beginnings, meeting and overcoming significant obstacles on the way. According to Ray “The photos (below) were taken in Zambia while I was there in November last with Mullahoran legend Fr Jim Brady. Now at 75, he has committed over 50 years of life as missionary helping the people of Africa. He is the first of the three. More to come. 


Photos by Ray Fitzsimons featuring Fr. Jim Brady and members of his congregation in Zambia. Bottom photo: L-R Fr. Jim and Ray







23 Apr 2019


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