Storytelling and Technology Marry at St Clare’s N.S.

Storytelling and Technology Marry at St Clare’s N.S. The students at St Clare’s National School, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan created an imaginative story entitled The Last Journey. The children took on the various roles of ‘project managing’ a settlement on a new planet. They recorded their different experiences of life travelling to and on their new planet. They spoke in the various voices and in their roles as: soldiers dealing with the aliens, a cartographer mapping the new territory, a botanist identifying new plants and scientists figuring out how to protect the animals and humans in this new environment. They imagined how they would prepare and act as astronauts and the various jobs they would do to set up a new planet for humans. Their story was told through painting and using technology with interactive circuit paint to activate the stories. Class teacher Niall Smith who worked with the children said ‘the children really enjoyed working with Robbie Perry and Kate Garry. The embraced the science and arts aspect of this project and created really imaginative work’. Principal at St Clare’s National School, Karl Mc Cartin speaking to parents and the children at a viewing in the school recently, spoke about how the school valued every opportunity to support the children to learn and explore the arts and science. He thanked Cavan County Council arts office and Peace IV SEUPB who funded this opportunity through the After Schools initiative with the PEACE IV Youth Arts Lab. Parents of the children involved were interested to see the work that their children completed with the musician Robbie Perry and Kate Garry, DJ. The children were full of enthusiasm describing how the approached the work and the various roles they took in telling the story of their journey to a new planet and setting up life there. They spoke also about the work involved in recording their stories and getting it to the stage where they were happy with the stories they recorded and the interactive story board.


01 Jul 2019


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