Sailing on the Sea of Love, Elena Duff


Elena Duff, musician and visual artist, releases her first self-penned single Sailing on the Sea of Love on Wednesday 13th May 2020.



This is a love song with a swishy, mesmeric rhythm that mimics the gentle movement of waves. The song speaks of love as boundless as the sea and of a couple sailing into eternity together - Homer’s famous description of ‘the wine dark sea’ even gets a mention. 



Elena’s rich vocals contribute to this lullaby for adults, casting listeners into a place of gentle waters and wistful, soothing sounds. 



For the video, Elena used her artistic skills to hand-paint a paper owl along with cat, boat and waves as a nod to the nursery rhyme about the owl and the pussycat going to sea. With these elements she created a simple moving automaton which features here












About Elena:

Elena’s musical career began late in life, as she formerly concentrated solely on visual art. The beginning was the day she picked up a ukulele and taught herself to play. Pretty soon Elena began to write her own songs. She then got endorsed by a ukulele manufacturer in Korea and joined a large, gigging ukulele ensemble for a year. After leaving the band, she focused on writing and performing her own songs on soprano and baritone ukuleles and more recently guitar. Sailing on the Sea of Love started life as an acoustic number played on baritone ukulele and was written for Valentine’s Day 2019.





Sailing on the Sea of Love is available for purchase on 



And to listen on         Spotify









13 May 2020


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