Godot Rzeka


Visual artist and musician Tomaz Grzesik has released his new single for his new albumn which was written and produced during lockdown. 


Video available on YouTube and Facebook 
GODOT is an experimental project that combines elements of folk, rock and ambient. It is inspired by the mysterious figure of Godot from 

Sammuel Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot". This music is dark, non-obvious, presented in a ritual and shamanic way.
The creators of the project are: Tomasz Grzesik (bass, vocals, percussion, didgeridoo and others) and Dariusz Kubala (guitars, vocals, flute, jew's harp and 

others),also associated with other music projects (Thy Worshiper, Molekh, Wolfkhan and others).

The main theme of the first edition is The Cycle of Life and Reflections of an Old Man Waiting for Death.


25 Sep 2020


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