Talent Development Academy for Television Drama Supporting Regional and Diverse Talent

About the Funding

As part of the recently announced €3 million July Stimulus Support Package for Television Drama, Screen Ireland has allocated €600,000 in funding that will focus on regional and diverse career growth. The agency is committed in its ambition to highlight Ireland as a centre of excellence in scripted drama production and in representing a diverse range of talent from all backgrounds in senior creative production roles, ensuring gender parity across the sector and an inclusive and evolving workforce.

As a direct result, Screen Ireland now invites applications from a Consortium for an open and competitive call to establish a Talent Development Academy for Television Drama to develop and nurture creative talent from across the country within the Television Drama Sector. This group will help evolve as part of its remit a diverse and regional pool of senior creative talent, whilst also ensuring opportunity within the industry for those who may at present feel precluded from a thriving career within the sector.

The Talent Development Academy for Television Drama call will be the key driver of the above goals, setting out ambitious plans to develop and nurture these areas of growth. Funding is contingent on meeting the strict criteria and conditions outlined in the detailed funding guidelines available below. 

How to Apply

Applicants must fill in the Application Form for the establishment of a Talent Development Academy and submit via email to with the Subject Line: Talent Development Academy Submission, by the deadline. Please do not enter via the “'Make an Application' button on the Screen Ireland website.

The application must contain a full breakdown of the proposed structure, activity and budgets. More details are outlined in the funding guidelines.  A decision will be made by the Screen Ireland within twenty-five working days of the deadline for applications. Decisions will be based on the application form and ambitious vision set out as part of the submission, which should grow diverse and regional creative roles in Drama and Scripted Production and provide entry points for all to access the sector via placement or educational investment as needed.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 1pm, Friday, October 30th, 2020.

Relevant Downloads

Pleae read the funding guidelines prior to makaing an application.



08 Oct 2020


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