Per Cent for Art

Coláiste Chú Chulainn Marshes Lower Dundalk Co. Louth

Budget €54,000 Stage 1 Briefing Document & Application

Deadline 12 noon Friday 2nd April 2021.


Applications are requested by email to


Introduction Coláiste Chú Chulainn is a 1,000 place post-primary school which was opened in September 2014. Coláiste Chú Chulainn was constructed on a spacious ten acre site at the Marshes in Dundalk town centre. It is one of the most one of the most architecturally well designed, modern, high-tech, comfortable and well-resourced schools in the country. Coláiste Chú Chulainn is a co-educational, multidenominational learner–centred school. It is the aim of our school community to provide a comprehensive education in which every member of Clann Choláiste Chú Chulainn is encouraged to learn, develop and attain excellence. Forbairt/development of the student is central to every aspect of school life. We strive to nurture students’ holistic development, to cultivate a strong work ethic and to help our students develop as caring and responsible young people.


The Commissioning Process:

The selection process will take the form of a Two Stage Open Competition. It is open to all

interested professional artists at any stage of their career or experience. Selection will be

based on the information supplied, establishing the competence of the artists to carry out

this commission. No designs or detailed proposals are required in Stage 1.


Stage 1

Artists are invited to express their interest in being considered for this project at the first

stage of this commission. Artists may do this by completing the application form and

submission of a CV and images / details of recent relevant works / projects.

The closing date for receipt of Stage 1 completed application form together with supporting

documentation and material is 12 noon Friday 2  April, 2021 and must be emailed to


Stage 2

From the completed Stage 1 applications; a shortlist of artists will be selected by panel jury.

This panel, whose decision is final, has the right to clarify any issue which may arise in the

course of selection. Stage 2 short listed artists will be paid a concept development fee of

€300 to work on a detailed proposal for final selection. A Stage 2 brief will be available to

shortlisted artists and a site visit is expected at this stage.

Coláiste Chú Chulainn reserves the right not to proceed with any submissions received.


Selection Panel:

The Selection Panel will consist of four members of the Public Art Working Group and two

Professional Artists and will be chaired by the Curator / Project Manager.


Project Delivery Timeline:

It is anticipated that the project would commence during 2021 and be completed by the end

of 2021 or early 2022. The artist should demonstrate their ability to fulfil this timeframe. The

final timeline will be agreed with the commissioned artist at contract stage.





03 Feb 2021