Droimín Creatives… A New Initiative


The month of March will be a tribute to Literature where shop windows and a few walls throughout Cavan town will be enriched with creative writing.


Droimín Creatives Cavan plan to brighten up Cavan windows promoting local writers. A legacy of over 300 years of literature and the renowned contemporary talent of artists and the Cavan landscape has proved a vital source of inspiration to this creativity.


Kim Doherty and Heather Brett are the artistic backbone of Droimín - Kim is an art therapist and artist, Heather is a writer, editor and visual artist. Together they have over 40 years of experience in promoting literature, providing facilitation for artistic and community projects, and enhancing awareness of creativity. Kim and Heather and the Droimín Creatives Cavan committee are working in partnership with the local authority and local business to promote the culturally curious tourist to County Cavan for memorable, bespoke literary and arts-based experiences.


Words On Windows is the first offering from Droimín- but this summer Kim and Heather have a bigger ambition to promote Cavan as a celebrated creative destination for both locals and visitors.


Cavan has always been a hub of creativity and this venture aims to showcase how the artist communicates the beauty, challenge, and intrigue of the Cavan Landscape, it’s character and people.


How in turn the artist can draw others into this state of appreciation inviting them to visit and experience the art, the sense of place and the rich culture for themselves.


Noel Monahan explains where the project got its name:

‘Droimín meaning ‘little ridge’ – from the Celts use of seeing human and animal shapes within the landscape’.


Droimín Creatives invite you to engage online – tell us what your favourite quote is and join us for workshops, further news and to be part of this project to promote all that is great about Cavan.





15 Feb 2021