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The Passion

The Passion is part of a body of work called The Incubation which was an exploration into the problem of pain. The Incubation was a demanding series of work, literally four years in incubation. The outcome is informed by the artist's long illness with chronic migraine and her search for the 'elusive cure'. An inner journey upon which the artist has embarked is revealed in images not easily ignored or quietly escaped from. Familiar imagery of the tabernacle, the perpetual lamp, the laden chalice, fail to reassure. Towering slate creations, statuesque in size and execution are laid open, exposed. Throughout this work a feeling of torture and pain pervades, yet, hope is palpable.


Title: "The Passion"

Artist: Jane Mc Cormack

Materials: slate, ceramics, found objects, steel base.

Dimensions: various

Year: 1997



Date and time:

Jane McCormick


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