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Cootehill and its various community and arts groups have embraced Poetry Town in a big way and are delighted to celebrate Poet Laureate Noel Monahan and the wonder of poetry and words.  Noel Monahan is the Poet Laureate for Cootehill and his poetry reading and interview dedicated to Cootehill can be accessed at the Poetry Ireland website.



For Culture Night 2021 : 

The artist Olivia Boyle will lead groups of artists and participants exploring rain paint and poetry on flagstones, wooden frames and over bridges! Her artwork and that of many local poets will feature on windows and shop fronts in the town.   Aisteoirí Mhunichille and Cootehill Arts Festival are among the community organisations creating pop up events to enjoy.  The project has been co-ordinated by Heather Brett, poet.   Poetry Town is an initiative of Poetry Ireland the Local Authority Arts Offices.