A Cavan Convergence

A call for creative project participants – closing date 30th June


Creativity is a vital part of our culture and our lives. Poetry especially, is something we all turn to at some time or other. Whether it is to read, to be inspired by, for comfort, to express emotions, or to mark a celebration. The arts are a creative tool for reflection and can assist with the process of transformation.


As border people we have witnessed many changes in the last 100 years, to our country, our politics, our social and economic standing as Europeans.


I believe that individuality has never been stronger. The person you are and what has made you you, is of great importance.  We are what we have come through, what events have shaped us, what governance we have listened to and adopted as our own.


At Barrack Obama’s inauguration a poem by Elizabeth Alexander brought all the longing, the heartaches and battles, the strength and prayers of centuries before to grace the momentous occasion.       


Juliet Turner, Def Leppard, U2 and countless others, wrote and sang lyrics inspired by many atrocities, not just the Irish Troubles.


I am looking for creative people who feel the past is with them. Who also feel change is possible, who applaud life and humanity in all its forms.


This arts project coincides with the refurbishment of the Townhall, Cavan, built in 1909, as a community space first, then as a place of Municipal Urban Council Governance –   and more recently an arts space dedicated to the growing and innovative creativity in Cavan.     


This is an invitation to writers, artists and creative individuals who can do justice to the metamorphosis that takes place in towns, counties, countries, politics and within themselves. As a group we will visit the border landscapes of Armagh, Enniskillen and Cavan, meet with locals and artists, share stories, judge present moods and older atmospheres, evaluate for ourselves how we can creatively shape this information.    


Broadsheets in the 1900’s created by Jack B Yeats brought a new awareness of his artwork and that of Pamela Coleman Smith, and introduced other contemporary artists. This format may be something we might consider to illustrate change, offering new work to local audiences and coinciding with the refurbishment of an historic building. 


Heather Brett, June 2019  



If you are interested in joining this creative group please send me a short paragraph explaining why you wish to participate


 This project is funded by Peace IV SEUPB through Cavan County Council.



Date and time:

11 Jun 2019 - 30 Jun 2019

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