Creating a Hero - Cavan Wild Storytelling with Anthony J.Quinn

Creating a Hero- Writing Workshop Series for Children by Anthony J Quinn


In 2019 Anthony J Quinn was the writer in residence with Cavan County Council in a collaboration with the Irish Writers Centre and supported by the Arts Council.  


In 2020 as a result of Covid 19, we have all changed and adjusted our practices and  Anthony has compiled a series of four workshops for children entitled ‘Writing a Hero’.  

“One of the most enjoyable and easiest ways to feel happy is to be creative. And one of the easiest and cheapest ways to be creative is to read and write a little every day. You don’t need lots of expensive craft materials as in art, or years of training and skills as in music or dance; all you need is your imagination and time. And as children, you have limitless imagination and lots of time..… You can learn a lot from making mistakes, and many creative breakthroughs happen by accident.”

                                                                                                            Anthony J Quinn, 2020                              

At Cavan Arts we are delighted to bring these workshops to our young audience and hopefully you be inspired by these simple and fun prompts to discover and craft your creative voice.


Many thanks to Anthony J Quinn for bringing these workshops to our young audiences.



Creating a Hero 9+ Workshop Information Document





Date and time:

14 Jul 2020 - 14 Oct 2020


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