Cavan Monaghan Arts and Health Forum





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The Arts and Health Forum 2021


What is our purpose?

Cavan Monaghan Arts and Health Forum members work together with artists, community and youth leaders to network, share, collaborate and participate in experiential learning and capacity building partnerships to provide person-centred sustainable arts-based programmes.  



Core Values

Mutual Respect, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Belief, Creativity, Innovation, Person-Centred Approach



Working together in a multi-agency approach to embed person-centred arts and health work



Participants and Forum members benefit from sustainable, empowering arts and health work that is meaningful for them, relevant to their needs and supports creativity, well-being and innovation.



The Forum will embed arts and health work as a strategic priority to support well-being, creativity, and innovation across our service areas.


Changing Seasons Peer Network


The Changing Seasons Peer Network are artists, health workers, youth workers, administrators and community leaders who come together to share professional practice in a supportive environment.