The Empty Vessel, Mark St.John Ellis

The Empty Vessel


This virus threatens the health, wealth and stability of our societies. In a short period of time this virus has caused damage to our ways of life. However, emissions have substantially decreased, thus affecting global warming. Latest satellite images show that the Earth has never been as healthy since 1945.


The above extract is from text used in the film and intercuts with the image of an incense stick burning in reverse fast speed intercut by the smoke in slow motion. The edited text read in single sentences at first seems disassociated but pieced together gives the viewer an overall statement to contemplate with regards to lifestyle. 


The Empty Vessel Soundscape is a sound piece that was due to be installed in Cavan Cathedral on a loop and an extended version to be in the grounds of St Mary’s Abbey, Cavan Abbey during the 2020 Cavan Arts Festival scheduled for May 2020. Cavan County Council Arts Office, Cavan Arts have responded by supporting filming and editing of visuals of this abridged work which has become a piece of music to go Online as a pilot. 






Mark St John Ellis

Mark St John Ellis is a composer and founder of the Irish based record label DeNovaDaCapo   In 2000 he was appointed the co-ordinator / curator of the Royal Hibernian Academy Ashford Gallery and in 2009 he founded and remains creative director of nagGallery / nagOffsite  His musical compositions range in influence from sacred early and contemporary music to the American minimalist sequential composers, and in one of the projects Berlin industrial dance patterns. He has released twelve albums, collaborated on three, produced one and produced and directed short films set to music.  Recent work includes curated exhibitions in collaboration with the OPW with nagOffsite projects. His work with the reductionist, process driven, nagGallery artists, has influenced his musical compositions, aesthetic decisions as a curator and  philosophy of lifestyle.



Date and time:

29 Apr 2020 - 29 Aug 2020


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